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Pediatric Clinical Experience

This experience is designed to be a comprehensive pediatric clinical experience, including both clinical and didactic training. All aspects of pediatric dental care are covered, including treatment planning, emergency care, restorative care, pulp treatment, behavior management and space maintenance.

Residents will participate in this clinical experience by working with the pediatric dentists at the View Crest Pediatric Dental Clinic, located in the YVFWC Lincoln Avenue Medical-Dental Center in Yakima, WA.

HIV+/AIDS Medical Experience

This is a short experience designed to increase a resident's skills in patient assessment. This experience is intended to give the resident the medical perspective of patient care. Residents will shadow medical staff as they diagnose and treat the various medical issues and complications, gaining a better understanding of how a patient's medical condition affects dental care and treatment planning.

Oral Surgery Clinical Experience

These clinical sessions are designed to introduce you to more advanced oral surgery procedures such as bone grafts, full bony impaction extractions and implant placement.

Orthodontic Clinical Experience

These clinical sessions will give the resident hands-on experience in transitional orthodontic techniques and procedures.

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