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What our Alumni have to say...

Q. Would you recommend the Northwest Dental Residency Program to other interested dental students:
A. All 8 of the 2007-2008 residents said YES:

"I already have and they're coming to the program."

"This is a very good program for those interested in community health and wanting clinical experience."

"It's a really good experience to prepare for a career in general dentistry."

"For someone looking to get a lot of hands on clinical experience in an eduational setting I feel this is a great program."

Other comments:

"The exposure we gained in treating immigrant patients was outstanding, and I think it will be a huge asset to me in the future as I am planning to work in a similar type setting as I head out into practice."

"With this program you are living community health every day."

"You read about these rare conditions in textbooks, but then they walk through these (clinic) doors."

"The quality of facilities and equipment here are very good, better than what I expected and better than private practice I've seen."

I left dental school knowing how to be a dental student. Now I feel like I'm a dentist."