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How do residents spend their time?

Average Procedures Per Resident
2010 - 2014 AEGD Classes
Procedure Average/Resident
Restorations 450
Crowns 20
SSC (primary teeth) 10
Primary Pulp Tx 3.5
Anterior RCT 9
Bicuspid RCT 7.5
Molar RCT 16
Bridges 2
RPD/Dentures 8.5
Routine Extractions 170
Surgical Extractions-Erupted 19
Soft Tissue Extractions 8
Partial Bony Extractions 5
Perio Surgical Procedures/Bone Grafts 3

Who are the patients?

The patient population varies by program site, but can be broadly defined as low-income and underserved patients of all ages. Our patients are primarily Hispanic, Spanish-speaking migrant/seasonal farm workers and their family members. However, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinics serve patients from a wide variety races, ethnicities, and cultures. The patients served at our clinics often cannot access dental care anywhere else. Only 6% of patients have private dental insurance. Nearly 8 out of every 10 patients seen by residents live in extreme poverty - less than $21,200 annual household income for a family of four.